From Psyonix: “Introducing Maestro: the fanciest rocket-powered car the world has ever known.” Rocket League Season 7 features an opulent, gilded theme, starring this “luxurious land yacht” for which we created a fictitious high-end car commercial.

The spot teases some of the season’s big item drops, such as blinged-out marble wheels, a phoenix feather boost, and a fiery phoenix goal explosion. The wavy lines motif – an abstraction based on a detail from a special gilded edition of Utopia Coliseum – gave me and the team at Capacity a chance to flex our mograph roots a bit in UE.

My Role: Animation, Lookdev     |     Ellerey Gave & Benji Thiem: Creative Direction     |     Jasveer SIdhu: Art Direction     |     Daryl Uribe & O'Shea Johnson: 3D Artists